Tips For Cleaning Your Teeth At Home

Tips For Cleaning Your Teeth At Home Featured Image - Bowen Family Dentistry

Tooth brushing is the first thing that probably comes into the mind of people after hearing about proper oral hygiene. This oral care essential had been practiced by all people, even before. A person may fail to floss or rinse their mouth, but there is no way that they can forget brushing their teeth. But how knowledgeable are you with this particular oral care routine? Are you really doing it right for your teeth? Read these tips and tricks that we at Bowen Family Dentistry prepared.

Remember your back teeth

Admit it. You are sometimes too lazy to brush the inner side of your teeth or your molars knowing that these structures are hardly shown. It’s okay to be guilty – many people are doing the same as well. However, it is not good to tolerate this habit. The molars need the same attention as the other teeth.

Keep your toothbrush sanitized

A toothbrush will help you get rid of the unwanted particles in your teeth, but it can also cause the bacteria in your mouth to multiply – especially if left uncleaned. Keeping your toothbrush well-sanitized is simple. You just need to rinse it after use. Do not allow the cleaning tool to touch the sink or the counter to prevent it from picking up more bacteria.

Wait before you brush

If you are a person who doesn’t like to wait, you might end up damaging your smile – literally. Brushing the teeth immediately after eating is risky for the teeth. After a meal, the pearly whites tend to be more acidic; which means that exposing them to toothbrush bristles is a no-no. If brushing is done right after eating, enamel erosion is more likely to happen.

Brush gently but surely

Imagine cleaning your new furniture made from expensive glass – that’s how you should clean your teeth as well. Keeping it gentle works best not just to the pearly whites but the gums too. Vigorous brushing, on the other hand, can increase the person’s possibility of suffering from receding gums.

Ditch your three-month-old toothbrush

Let go of the things that are of no value anymore – like your old, frayed toothbrush! You can be friends with your cleaning tool for a maximum of three months. It is not at all advisable to use the toothbrush for more than three months as it can no longer do its job well.

Cleaning your teeth at home is essential. In fact, everyone is encouraged to make this an everyday habit. But you should also take note to visit the dentist twice yearly to ensure a thoroughly cleaned mouth and healthier smile.

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    Interesting information over here.
    Totally agree with you, Flossing may regularly be needed to clean the regions difficult to reach to the toothbrush. Flossing may frequently be important to clear the food, stuck in the middle of the teeth.

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